Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Check in from the Other ASM

Hey everyone, it's Sam, otherwise known as "boy Sam", Sam who used to have an afro, and one of the Assistant Stage Managers for Charlotte's Web.

Today I faced the dreaded prospect of a stripped screw, had a music war, and dealt with a wobbly platform. The events after 2:30 are set to become more difficult than anything I deal with in my classes.

First things first though, I'll talk about the screw that provided my first big challenge. Never did I think that when Jothsana asked me to help her remove a leg from a platform, that it would take me twenty minutes to do so because of one tiny screw that refused to cooperate with my drill. But with Jothsana's help, I won that battle eventually.

After jumping that hurdle, a new struggle emerged as Savannah and I both wanted to DJ tech this afternoon and her choice of music is...shall we say, interesting. In the end, I was strong-armed into a truce and, while I still think Michael Jackson wins out over Paramore, I have to admit Savannah's music was not too shabby.

The platform issue was in a class of its own and that battle is yet to be won, but I'm determined to get those things as stable as possible and with the help of some of our many capable technicians, I have no doubt that soon those platforms will be able to withstand an earthquake… which is pretty much the equivalent of me jumping on them.

With much appreciation, anticipation, nostalgia for foot high hair, and thanks for everyone's hard work today… I look forward to meeting everyone I haven't yet, and for those people whom I do know, I'm sorry that you must bear that burden.

Samuel Adebesin, Junior Perspectives Member, Assistant Stage Manager

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