Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fitting the Pieces into the Puzzle

Auditions are the most stressful part of my job. Trying to decide the best fit based on two days of seeing students is like putting together a puzzle without the full picture. That part makes me nervous, but the worst part is the knowledge that I’m going to disappoint kids. I hate breaking their hearts.

The actors had some great auditions. A few of our veteran members had the best auditions of their lives. A few new kids blew us away with their preparation. Watching them bring characters to life is such a joy!

Cristin and I spent hours tonight talking about auditions, checking academic eligibility, talking about characters, looking over conflicts, debating the needs of the script, and trying to make the kids fit the best way while also keeping their wishes in mind…

In a school of over 2000 students, only 29 students auditioned. Sometimes that is discouraging, but then I remember if more auditioned, I would have to break more hearts.

We had the largest number of Run Crew Applicants since I started working with Perspectives 11 years ago—that is a great problem to have—we hope that momentum builds to make our stage crew and our club even stronger!

I am excited for the first rehearsal of this wonderful production and expect it to be fun, and I am so happy for the 19 students cast in the show, but I go to sleep after a 15 hour work day with a heavy heart for those students who got less than exciting news tonight…

Auditions-a necessary but stressful part of the production process…

Amber Clair Perkins, Director

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