Tuesday, September 29, 2015

More on the set...

Hey guys, it's Savannah the Lighting Engineer.

Today at tech was pretty cool, I have to say. There were people working on the barn walls and can I just say they look so cool. They were painted grey and then they wood grained red onto it and a little bit of black and so it looks very old and rustic. So many people help out with tech it's amazing. Platforms were built and the set is coming along so nicely so far. I cannot wait for the finalized product. Everyone's working so hard and it's fantastic.

With the sign, the web was painted on one side by Brian and I. It looks super cool and we even had time to paint Charlotte on too. I really can't wait to get more people helping with the sign, a lot of people have already expressed interest. I really hope no one's upset they haven't had a lot of time to work on it so far, I promise you guys will definitely get a chance!

So yesterday I saw Sam's blog post talking about my DJing skills (which aren't horrible). Today our lovely stage manager took over the responsibilities. I can't say which was better, though. Maybe it was "Trap Queen". Maybe it was the "Cupid Shuffle". Maybe it was "How Lovely to Be a Woman".

Anyway guys I think this show is going to be amazing. I think everyone is working incredibly hard and I would make a joke about finding hopeful but I already did with the amazing work we've done so far.

Peace out girl scouts,
Savannah, Junior Perspectives' Member, Lighting Engineer

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