Thursday, September 24, 2015

Report from our ASM

     Hello everyone! I'm Carlos Luna, Assistant Stage Manager for the upcoming play "Charlotte's Web". Lots of things happened today. First off, some of our beloved members at Paint Branch Perspectives also had Marching Band practice; so the remaining PBP members were all working on building platforms for the set. We had our first 2 foot tall platform finished today, thanks to MaryGrace Ruebens And Terra Tomczyszyn. MaryGrace was so overwhelmed that she finally got to learn how to use a power drill that she wanted to drill more legs into platforms, but sadly we ran out of legs to place into the platforms but more coming soon. Our sign for the play was also worked on and painted yellow by our wonderful crew. Our very own Noah Roads is building the 5 foot tall platforms that looks pretty awesome. So, by tonight only 6 more platforms need to be completed to move on into the next process of this upcoming play. The whole team worked well and swell tonight, I love them sooo much.

     I personally find it very interesting that everything you see at the opening nights started out of nothing! Most of us dream of being actors and being in movies and all but we forget how it all starts. In building these set you may learn a bunch of things, for sure you can learn how to measure some wood and drill some screws in but you also learn how every production begins. People have to build the sets and organize mostly everything to make stuff happen. I'm new to this kind of production because in the last musical, "Bye Bye Birdie" (great musical by the way), I played bass, I wasn't a tech crew member. This could be a quick change of direction for me but I know that it will pay off by all the new experiences I will have throughout the whole production.

-with much love,
Carlos Luna, Sophomore Perspectives' Member, Assistant Stage Manager

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