Wednesday, October 28, 2015

FOH Manager Checking In!

Hello, it's Cass, front-of-house manager.

During tech today, I was assigned the rather difficult task of making fake food. I can't even cook real food, to be honest, so I already knew it was gonna be a disaster. A couple freshmen and I had already carved and cut the food at the last tech rehearsal, so we just had to finish painting it. We had made eggs, a tomato, some toast, and leftover pancakes. The eggs and tomato were rather easy since they just had to painted one color. The trouble came in with the bread. For one, I had absolutely no idea what color it was supposed to be. I probably spent around 10 minutes mixing different paint concoctions until I got colors that somewhat resembled bread. The other issue was that whenever you tried to paint the bread, it would end up dripping off the sides, mixing the colors together. At some point I just decided to let it all dry so I could deal with it the next time.

I went back on the stage to see everyone wrapping letters in yarn for the web. Jasmine let me finish wrapping her E, which was actually a lot harder than it looked (not that it even looked easy in the first place). They're going to be spray painted to appear more woven. I'm pretty proud of all the work we've done in the past month. It's hard to belive hell week is only a week away...hope you freshmen are ready ;).

Cassandra, Sophomore Perspectives' Member, Front of House Manager

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