Thursday, October 1, 2015

Shop Manager Checking In!

Hi I'm Noah, one of the Shop Managers for our production of Charlotte's Web!
I am always so crazy about building the set for any show that Perspectives puts on. I love to build things and I especially love hanging out with the actors and technicians that are a part of every show. It makes going to school bearable because I know after school, we're going to create awesome things and have a ton of fun doing it. 
One of the perks of being a technician is that Ms. Ryan, Sam (our Assistant Stage Manager), and myself, got to go on a little field trip to Home Depot this afternoon. We sometimes need more materials, like more tape measures that always seem to disappear...but we took care of that on our trip today. At one moment, Sam and I kind of lost Ms. Ryan for a minute! But we found her a few aisles down, thank goodness. 
The set for our show is coming along wonderfully! We have all of our platforms built, including a few extra ones, and most of our set is decked out in some awesome painted wood patterns along with some wear and tear for authenticity. 
I don't even have to look at the progress that we've made to know Perspectives will put on a show worth watching! Everyone that is a part of Perspectives are hard working and very talented individuals. I look forward to opening night with anticipation and high expectations. I hope everyone reading this is as excited to see the show as I am!
Noah, Senior Perspectives' Member, Shop Manager

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