Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Stage Manager's View

Hey everyone! I am Janeni Nathan, the stage manager for Charlotte's Web.
Friday was an ALL CALL, so everyone in the cast and crew were there, including some general technicians. At 12:30, everyone was there ( well mostly) which was great! I got to be in charge of the Tiger Key the entire day, which was so awesome!
Miss. Perkins wanted me to run both Act 1 and 2 with the actors.  I had a lot of fun, with everyone doing a different voices... how could you not have fun!
After Act 1, I gave everyone a 5 minutes break. Let me just say a lot happened- when I walked out and came back to the room- Missy had everyone on their feet's doing Paint Branch cheers. After that hilarious 5 minute break we ran Act  2, which went pretty well. Then all the actors and actresses had a break until we had to run the Acts on the stage.
With the set nearly competed, we were on the STAGE- which is earlier than usual. The set looked amazing and I cant wait for everyone else to see it. We started with Act 1- which kind of took forever.  Most of my time was spent writing down blocking notes. The run was good  most of the time, even though John  messed up and Miss. Perkins had to take over at times.
After Act 1 we moved the set around and cleaned up. Rehearsal ended around 6.
Janeni, Senior Perspectives' Member, Stage Manager

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