Tuesday, November 10, 2015

And so it begins...

Hey there, Rachel here, comin' at you live from the makeup room in Mitchell Hall.

Today started our favorite (not really) time of show season - dress rehearsal week, which can only mean one thing...... THE START OF HAIR AND MAKEUP ADVENTURES! This show is very different from a makeup perspective. I thought I had done it all, from the Victorian era, to scary, old crones, to 60's rock stars. But this show introduced me to a whole new ball game, animals. Being in charge of transforming this amazing group of people into characters nothing like them is something I always look forward to. While of course I never want my time in Perspectives to end, I'm glad this show is my last play, because I can have so much fun with it. 

Well, time to get back to work. Tune in this Friday to see some awesome people and animals in Paint Branch Perspectives' production, "Charlotte's Web".

Rachel Borczuch
Senior, Perspectives Secretary
Hair and Makeup Artist

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