Sunday, November 1, 2015

Getting ready for Tech Week!!

As we head into Tech Week, I'm very happy with where we are! The set is about 95% complete, so we can really spend time focusing on the lighting and sound over the next few days. I feel good about because things don't always work out that way!

This is my last year of grad school for Theatre Production. One of the projects I need to submit is "Technical Implementation;" which means I will have to take on running one of the technical aspects of the show. I have chosen to work on the Sound Production for Charlotte's Web. Sound is an area of theater where I do not know a whole lot and I hope get much better over the next few years.

This weekend I spent time researching music for the PreShow and Intermission playlist... hope you like Blugrass! I also spent time creating a few sound effects. Can't wait to work with our Sound Engineers, Alexis and Donald, to make to all fit together!

Cristin Ryan, Technical Director

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