Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What a Day!

What a day! It’s hard trying to come up with something to say about this full day rehearsal, but nevertheless I shall succeed.
The 10 AM call time was ah-mazing, I just loved that I could’ve slept in. We ran through the show 3 times. During the first run, Miss Perkins took some certified technicians up to the catwalk- I have so much admiration for people who can go up there without freaking out, when I went up there last year I simply broke down. At the end of this first run, Janeni suggested we ran Act 2 again because the first time was pretty sketchy, but the second time’s a charm and everything went well.
The second run consisted of Miss Perkins doing Cue-to-Cues. I admit that it was distracting for me to hear Miss Perkins talking about the Cues, but it was pretty interesting; it made me think about all the aspects that goes into making the show perfect.
By the third run I felt like lying across the stage and either sleeping or weeping (or screaming internally). That’s not advisable since the stage is pretty dirty. Miss Perkins, during this run, watched the actors. . . act, rather than doing things tech related.
I’d say the show is coming along nicely. I still can’t believe we’re opening next week- how time flies, it’s scary. I just love this show and everybody in Perspectives. But I’m going to point out something important- we all need to work on our entering cues, that was a bit of a fun and frustrating  mess.
Oh! Have you seen the giant check? It’s spectacular! I’m glad that Ogechi asked me to pass her the check during the announcer scene. The check is heavier than expected, but it’s so well done. I really want to take it home.
We tried our costumes today. The Goose and Gander costumes made me grin, it’s really something. I don’t know how to describe it, but I love it. The Sheep and the Lamb’s outfits are adorable, I can’t wait for people coming to see the show to witness it. Finally I have a costume and I absolutely adore the boots! Usually, I detest cowboy boots, but when I first laid my eyes on these shoes I secretly wished they were apart of my costume! (And wishes do come true!)
By seven o’clock we were done, it looked like everybody was exhausted. But we made some real progress today and it’s only going to make the show even more radiant.

Signing off,
Tari Owei, Junior Perspectives’ Member, First Member.

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