Saturday, September 24, 2016

Loving the Production Team!

Hey everyone!

Today was awesome!(09/23/16)  We constructed the A frames and drilled a couple of them to a few sets which turned out successful (fingers crossed it won't come apart) I applaud everyone who were involved in that. Saw a lot of progress in the 'brick making/taping process' So BIG thumbs up for those who spent hours finishing that up, still more to go.... but I know WE GOT THIS! 

I love the fact that the whole production team is so involved and enthusiastic in everything they do. It's amazing how everyone looks out for each other while doing their own thing, be it sawing,drilling,constructing or painting..........they are always there to give that extra helping hand and support.

I hope, what we have done today and what we will do in the weeks to come will make a great impact on the show.With the guidance,love, and care of Ms.Perkins and Ms.Ryan, I know that this team will continue to be awesome,and reach greater heights while spreading joy and love.

 Looking forward to see how it will turn out and if our hard work pays off in the end.

 Have a great weekend! 

Safiya Muthaliff
 Production team member
 Paint Branch Perspectives

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