Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Perspective on Perspectives

Evening Greetings to all! Today(September 20th 2016) was an awesome, fun, exciting and epic day, considering that it was the first rehearsal of the play Absolutely Murder. As a new member to Perspectives, I didn't expect that today was gonna turn up as amazing as it turned out to be. It was truly great.

What we accomplished at the end of today was learning to maintain silence and discipline through various fun and entertaining activities;group and individual both.
I think, being a new member, is that having these warm-up activities before actually starting the rehearsals is a great way to get the actors motivated and energized, so that they can use what they have learnt in their acting.

I can't wait till the directing and the scene-breaking part of the play takes part the next few days. I'm really looking forward in knowing more about my character and how he deals with the setting of the play.

Hope to see a super-sized audience on each and everyday of the show.

Dr. Hooker

Aqeel Muthaliff


Paint Branch Perspectives

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