Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I'm Not Acting Dumb. . .

After rehearsal today when just I and a fellow castmate were in Ms. Perkins room, Tari abruptly insisted that I write this blog so here it is. Today the actors went through Act 1 in the script, completely off book for the second time, but this was the first time the actors were acting the scenes out and saying the lines as they plan to during the show, which allowed Ms. Perkins to direct us. I was told I was very good at playing a jerk and some debate ensued as to whether I was acting or not. But the rehearsal wasn't nearly as grueling as the interrogation I faced after I stepped down from the stage. However I had to play dumb, but there might be some speculation as to whether that was acting or not too.

Samuel Adebesin
Lane Burrage
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