Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Everything has shoulder pads...

Hey guys! I'm Wynn and I'm one of the costumers for the show! This is my third show doing costumes and my sixth overall..but most importantly it's my last! I've really missed being part of all the magic that goes into putting a show together and I'm happy to be back with Perspectives one final time.

Everyone most likely knows, but here's a reminder for those that have forgotten - costumes are challenging. It's one thing to put clothing on a person, but to transform them and make them one with their characters is a whole new level. You have to balance a ton of subtleties and take a lot into account, like how the stage lights will wash out lighter colors, how certain fabric moves, how simple alterations give something a whole new meaning - it's art, man.

So today, February 28th, Elshaddai (who's doing a great job) and I spent some time in the costume closet looking for items that remotely went with the show direction. Last week we had a "productive" conversation about color schemes and textures that could correspond with various animals, and today we had Kaiya try on a jacket and skirt we thought could work for Dot. And like almost everything in the had shoulder pads. Even worse, the kind you can't remove. Yikes. But in Elshaddai's words, it was a nice reach!

So far the costume work has been all logistics - we've taken measurements of the actors, made a costume plot indicating who portrays what and the scenes they're in, and even another chart showing who has gotten a costume already! And the grind is only beginning. The set is looking really nice as work continues and the actors sound pretty good. I can't wait to see the beautifully-dressed cast on the amazing set!

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