Saturday, November 11, 2017

Today was the day that it hit us all. Opening show night is in two weeks!
Today, people put their finishing touches on the stage and continued to work on getting off book. Personally, I found rehearsal to be pretty funny. Working with the other projection engineers is always a blast without any dull moments.We talked about how everyone seemed to be getting sick at the same time. We figured out who might have started the "sick scandal" with the help of the props mistress. In addition, I shared a laugh with Ms. Ryan when people kept facetiming me asking for her help. "Thank God for technology," she laughed, as she handed back my phone. That darn sign. We also did interviews for the morning announcements. It was a pretty low key, yet eventful day. I'm pretty excited to see everything come together. I'm also really happy that we're able to make a pretty cool thing happen, such as the play, while having such enjoyable times together.

The show is gonna rock,

Soncheree <3

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