Alumni of Paint Branch theatre continue to demonstrate the tradition of excellence they displayed on our stage. Whether or not they went on to pursue careers in the theatre, the values and discipline learned here helped to shape their futures.
We would love to for our alumni to share memories of their time on the PB stage or describe how their theatre experiences helped shape their future. Or even just drop a line to say hello... Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section!


  1. Name: Mayowa Balogun
    Years in Perspectives: Spring 2010
    Memories: I had the greatest time in my senior year of high school being Herbie in "Gypsy" with my Rose being Anjna Swaminathan and so many of my good friends as the cast! It was probably one of the coolest and most rewarding experiences that I've had, and I'm so grateful to have been a part of something greater than myself. I remember my favorite part of the play was singing "Together" with Anjna and Allison Heuber. I still remember the choreography to some of it haha! I miss those days and hope that others are still bringing joy and energy to the theater, but I am still a very active singer and am trying to get involved in singing in choirs and at local gigs for fun. Perspectives definitely was the start of my sparked interest in singing and expression and I'm so grateful to the staff who just MADE the experience that much greater. Wish I had done more!! Lol

    1. Reading this made my heart smile. I remember that rehearsal well--it was the one in which you said to me, "Miss Perkins, girl, you cut deep." I continue enjoying all of the work with my students while teaching with an honesty that sometimes hurts... Love you!

  2. Alumnus Agyiewaa Asante is performing in INTIMATE APPAREL at University of Maryland next week! Alumnus Maria Ortiz is Assistant Directing! Check it out!

  3. Check out Montgomery College's production of Godspell this weekend! Alumnus Leah Windley will be participating as Assistant Stage Manager!!

  4. The following is a copy of a FACEBOOK Post this morning...

    A very, very special Throwback Thursday, because 40 years ago this week, “Perspective” – the theatre arm of Paint Branch High School performed GODSPELL as its Spring Musical. I had the pleasure of serving as the Musical Director of the show during my Senior Year!! For anyone who was ever in or part of show at Paint Branch during “our era” I do not have to remind you about how very special being part of Perspective was. My involvement in this production – 40 years ago – is something that I will always remember, and cherish. Over the last forty years, I have seen GODSPELL countless times at all levels (i.e., high school, college, professional). I still listen to the original soundtrack (and the most recent revival – I have both). GODSPELL remains, to me, the show of a lifetime. For those of you who remember this time – and some of you are out there in FACEBOOK, please enjoy this photo album from the poster and the program some 40 years ago!!

    If any PERSPECTIVE HISTORIANS are interest in any memorabilia for 1976-77, shoot me an email or see FACEBOOK post

    Wendell Roberts

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