Paint Branch Perspectives brings together all different types of students to produce theatre.  Students learn every aspect of theatre and that no part is greater than any other when creating the whole. Students learn to work together, to take pride in hard work, to bounce back from setbacks and to accept responsibility.  Perspectives prides itself on its ability to foster an appreciation for all art forms and all people.  We each bring a different perspective, and together create art we can be proud of. 

Perspectives produces two plays per school year, a straight play in the fall and a musical in the spring.  Students also participate in activities in and out of school, such as The Maryland State Thespian Festival, the MCPS Theater Festival, live theatrical productions and ArtSpeak!  Membership is open to all students; participation as an actor on stage is by audition only.

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2016-2017 Student Leadership Team

Perspectives Board Members: Tari Owei, Irvin Pamah, and Rameen Zarrar

Student Thespian Officers: Savannah Kunze (Senior Officer and Chair), Samantha Ortiz (Junior Officer), and Rameen Zarrar (Sophomore Officer)

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